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Bed Bug Prep Services

We offer pre-exterminating prep services for your home or facility. Bed Bug cases are on the rise in the U.S. and without any great strides to eradicate the insect, it is now not a question of "if you get bed bugs", but rather "when you get bed bugs".

Bed bugs are decidedly a difficult insect to kill due to their small size and their ability to hide in tiny cracks and crevices of your home. The two main treatment avenues available are traditional chemical treatment and heat remediation. Chemical treatments lack the ability to get into every crack and crevice and can result in extended treat time, however they are more economical on a budget. Heat remediation involves heating your home to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees which penetrates into cracks, crevices and furniture killing the insect. The down side is that these treatments are more costly than chemical treatments. While each of these treatment types are effective they both require significant preparation to your home to work effectively. Improper prep is one of the main causes of failed exterminating attempts. Proper prep can be the difference between a successful treatment and ongoing treatment. A successful treatment for you means no more bed bugs!! We will prepare your home or business for treatment giving you the assurance that your exterminator is able to render an effective treatment.

Let us take the bite out of your bed bug prep!

Our prep includes:
  • We work with your exterminator to ensure we are prepping to his/her specifications
  • We will remove items from closets, dressers, walls and shelves
  • Items are boxed and bagged so your exterminator has access to all areas of your home /office
  • All boxes and bags are neatly labeled and stacked for easy access and viewing to help you locate needed items
  • Removal of cove base if needed
  • Clothing items are bagged and marked for easy removal to laundry or dry cleaner
  • Vacuum all areas to clear any debris from your floors

Our professional techs will not only help you understand the prepping process involved but also how to reduce your risk of re-infestation after your treatments. Preparing for treatment can be overwhelming and time consuming, our team can help remove the stress involved with preparing for these treatments.

Call today and let us give you a free in home estimate. Prep services are available to neighboring states if there are multiple preps involved. Please call for details!!! Let us take the bite out of your bed bug prep!
"Accomplishing my prep was complicated by my lack of mobility due to disabilities. It would have taken me weeks to perform the required preparation by myself, even with the help of friends/family".

"I don’t have a large house but my family has lived here for 40 years, and it is amazing the things you accumulate. Despite that the Bed Bug Shield team arrived and in approximately eight hours they had my home ready for treatment.  They worked around me and I didn’t have to leave my home".

"They were friendly, accommodating, professional, and efficient. There was no wasted motion, it was apparent the team knew what they were doing and had done it before. Yet, they found time to answer questions and explain the things they were doing. The fact that they called to follow up after the extermination was also a mark of professionalism".

"Additionally, Bed Bug Shield’s competency was confirmed for me when the exterminator asked me if I had used a professional prep service. They said they could tell because in most self-prepped homes there were things they had to fix prior to extermination, but they found nothing in my home that required any correction".

"Based on my experience, I highly recommend Bed Bug Shield Pre-extermination Prep Services anytime you need help preparing your home for treatment no matter what professional pest control company you choose".

Richard B.
Sept. 2013